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Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful challenges you will ever have to deal with. Worries about your finances and your children can dominate your life and make it hard to focus on anything else. Then there’s the wave of emotions that can come crashing down at any moment.  During this difficult time, it is essential that you work with a divorce lawyer who can make you feel comfortable and confident about your future.

Child Custody

Children need to know that your divorce is not their fault, and it is important that both parents put their personal feelings aside and do what is best for the children.  There are many areas that parents and the courts must consider. But you don’t have to feel like you are on your own as you try to decide what is best for you and your children. 

Child Support

Child support is meant to ensure your children’s standard of living does not decline due to your divorce. In Alabama, child support is determined according to a formula, which aims to make sure payments are fair. However, much is left to the judge in a divorce, including child support orders / decisions.

Military Divorce

Just as being a member of the Armed Services affects other aspects of a military family’s life, divorce is different for those who are actively serving in the military or are retired from the military. Federal law and military regulations protect a service member who is going through divorce.

The Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA) indicates that military divorce proceedings will be controlled by state law where the divorce petition is filed. However, the same law also describes how military retirement pay can be divided and what service benefits a former military spouse may retain entitlement to. The USFSPA also enforces child support and current alimony payments awarded in a divorce.


Adoption is a wonderful way to start or grow your family.  Each adoption case is unique, and certain types of adoptions have their own requirements.


Special Needs Trust

Even a small inheritance, personal injury settlement, or other windfall can inadvertently disqualify a person with special needs from receiving the valuable public benefits they rely upon, such as Medicaid and SSI.  Proper use of a Special Needs Trust can set aside money to be used to enhance that individual’s quality of life while maintaining eligibility for their public benefits. In addition, a special needs trust may be used to preserve assets for the benefit of someone entering into a nursing home

Estate Planning

When most people think about estate planning, they only think about transferring wealth from one generation to the next. But a comprehensive estate plan has three primary purposes.

The first is to establish a plan to maintain control over your affairs so long as you are able.  Second, an estate plan should determine who would make decisions on your behalf if you are no longer able.  Finally, your estate plan should set out who should receive your assets after you’re gone.

Probate and Estate Administration

The probate process can be time consuming—in Alabama, it takes a minimum of six months.  There are two kinds of probate proceedings which are used to transfer a decedent’s probate assets to his or her heirs.

When the individual died having executed a valid last will and testament, then the will is offered to probate, and assets are eventually distributed according to the terms of the will.  When the individual did not leave a will, however, then a similar process called an Estate Administration is filed in the Probate Court. In that case, the decedent’s property is divided among certain people according to the law of intestate succession.

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