Uncontested Divorce Kit

Have you been looking into Divorce and decided that uncontested is your best route? This is an all inclusive kit for $700.00. *

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

* $600.00 includes the filing fee. Divorce Kit documents will be emailed to the provided email address. If you wish for your Kit to be mailed to you via USPS, there is an additional $10.00 shipping and handling fee. If you wish to opt in to USPS mailing, please include the shipping fee in your initial purchase. 


Complete set of Alabama, no-fault uncontested Divorce papers with instructions!

You'll receive a complete set of lawyer-prepared Uncontested Divorce paperwork along with simple instructions. They will be prepared for Montgomery County, which is the county with the lowest filing fee for divorce cases! 

What you get:

Within two business days, you will receive pre-prepared divorce forms and court correspondences customized to your specific case. You will receive step-by-step instructions for signing and returning the forms, and will benefit from professional customer service to ensure everything is correct the first time around.  

Included in your Divorce Kit:

  • Simple and complete step-by-step instructions
  • Pre-addressed correspondence to the office
  • Divorce Complaint (the document that begins the divorce process)
  • Acceptance of Service for your spouse to sign
  • All necessary consent forms for you and your spouse to sign
  • Divorce settlement for you and your spouse to sign
  • Proposed divorce decree for the judge to sign

Is this right for me?

This Uncontested Divorce Kit should ONLY be used if there is no marital property, (house, car, etc.), a pension to divide, or any other unresolved economical issues. The reason the uncontested process is so successful is because both parties are already in mutual agreeance, both over the divorce and the terms of the divorce. These forms arrive customized and completed and ready for both parties to sign. 

You should not use this kit if:

  •  You do not know how to contact your spouse.
  • Neither you nor your spouse live in Alabama.
  • Your spouse will not sign the necessary forms.
  • You have unresolved property or spousal support issues (including pension claims).
  • Your spouse is on active duty in the U.S. Military (any branch)
  • Either you or your spouse has already filed for divorce in another county or state.

If any of these situations apply to you, you should contact an attorney before purchasing these forms. 

If you are unsure of what your rights are or how divorce will affect you and your finances, please contact an attorney to discuss your spousal rights. 


How does this work?

  • Once you complete payment for your Divorce Kit, please fill out your name and email below. You will then receive our Uncontested Questionnaire via email. You will fill this form out and return it to the office via email.   
  • We will begin drafting your customized divorce forms, which will be delivered to you within two business days.** All forms and instructions will be delivered to you as printable forms via the email address that you provide. If requested, these printed forms can be delivered to your address via USPS for an extra shipping and handling fee of $10.00. 
  • Once you receive your forms, you and your spouse will sign all documents according to the provided instructions.
  • Once both parties sign, you will send them back to the office and we will file them with the court system.
  • Once the documents are filed, the Judge will review them and issue the Final Divorce Decree and Divorce Certificate. It can take anywhere from three weeks to two months for the Judge to issue the Decree. This timeline is based solely on the Judge's court schedule and availability. 
  • ** Divorce Kit purchases and information forms sent in after 4:oo pm will be processed the next business day.

What if we have children?

  • Not a problem! So long as you and your spouse agree on aspects such as custody, visitation, and child support.  Child support will be calculated in the forms included in this Divorce Kit pursuant to Alabama Rule 32, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

Is this legal?

  • Of course! So long as either party has been a resident of the state of Alabama for at least six months before filing, uncontested divorce can be filed in any Alabama county so long as both parties agree to do so. All of our uncontested divorce documents are filed in Montgomery County, as they have a cheaper filing fee. 

What if I have questions?

  • If you have purchased this kit or are thinking about purchasing this kit and have questions about the process, just call! Our office is prepared to answer any questions so that we may help set your mind at ease.
  • If you do not think this kit is right for you or are unsure what your next step should be, go ahead and contact our office so that we may set you up with a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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